PHP / Web Developer 327 views

Salary Range

PKR. 65,000 - 90,000/Month

Job Description

Dua e Madina is looking for an experienced PHP+ WordPress
Developer. Must have experience of of more than 3 years and should be
able to work from home during job hours.

About Us – We work online using Skype and Whatsapp. Office time
starts at 9:30 and ends at 6:00 including a break of half hour which
makes total 8 working hours. You must have a strong internet connection
and power back up i.e. UPS, if you lacking at this please don’t apply.


  • What candidate can get from the position?
  • What candidate can get from the position?
  • What candidate can get from the position?

Job Requirements

Followings are the skills we are looking in the developer;

1. Execute coding of web-related projects.

2. Develop new sites using WordPress and PHP.

3. Should be able to work independently and implement the WordPress platform strategy for the business.

4. Create bespoke plugins and developing modules for WordPress.

5. Good knowledge of programming in Core PHP is required.

6. Good knowledge of Database design and writing SQL queries.

Hands-on coding experience with HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, AJAX,
XML, JavaScript, jQuery and other open-source JavaScript and PHP

8. Strong working knowledge of WordPress platform,
developing static HTML websites to WordPress CMS including plugins,
customizations, blog etc.

9. Knowledge of integrating payment gateways and shopping cart

Must be able to work independently without any help that is why we
are looking experienced person. Fresh people or less skilled should wait
for our next job posting on jobs in hour.

How To Apply

How candidate can apply for your job. You can leave your contact information to receive hard copy application or any detailed guide for application.

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