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MoltTech Pvt Ltd.

MoltTech began as a one-man as a web-designer. We have been working in multiple development technologies last 4 years; staying at par with the latest trends and demands of the industry. Besides being trusted by some multinational business giants, most of our work has been for Entrepreneurs passionate to make their mark in the world. One such high-flier is International Checkout, which started in a garage.

Now MoltTech is touching the Edge of success and growing his staff day by day. Our Developers are picked after a fine recruitment process in which their excellence and ability to excel is measured.

To keep up-to-minute with the latest I.T. trends, we have a dedicated Training Department to help Developers familiarize themselves with new technologies and frameworks. Right now, we have Pakistan’s finest software breed working in PHP, .NET (Web and Desktop), Ruby on Rails, Python and Mobile projects.