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Manuscript Midwife|
Birthing Assistance for Writing

You’ve completed a memoir, a short story, a how-to book, or a novel. You’ve inserted that last word followed by the final period, leaned back in your chair and declared yourself finished. And maybe even cried a little. Take a deep breath and do a happy dance. You deserve it!

What now?
Is it ready for the critical eyes of a publisher or agent? Probably not. Most manuscripts need several rewrites before they're ready for the dog-eat-dog world of publishing. Few titles are chosen each year for publication (especially from first-time authors), so you need to present your very, very best work.

That's where I can help. As the Manuscript Midwife, I will read your newly birthed manuscript from two points of view -- Big Picture and Little Picture.

Little Picture
A line-by-line edit, pointing out places to cut words and make your writing tighter, places where holes exist and require filling and finding those pesky grammar errors that will absolutely kill your chances for publication.

Big Picture
A review of plot, characters and layout, an overview of your book or story in its entirety.

What You Get
I will return your manuscript with hand-written proofreading and line-editing marks made in purple ink (red denotes negativity, don’t you think?). You will also receive a detailed summary of my review of the manuscript including weaknesses and strengths, along with recommendations for improvement.

Not For the Weak of Heart
OK, you wouldn’t ask for help if you didn’t need it and we both know everyone needs editing. Therefore, be prepared for complete honesty about areas in your manuscript that require additional work. If you're sending your writing to me, then it should be with the understanding that you are serious about making it the best it can be.

What’s the Value?
So why would anyone pay for editing on an unsold manuscript? Very simply, to increase your chances to sell your work. Competition in the publishing world is tough and getting your work through the front door is crucial. The key to being noticed by agents and publishers is to present your very best polished work. You've already invested your time, creativity, and commitment to this piece. Let me help you ensure your manuscript is strong and as error-free as possible dissertationmark.co.uk.

Unfinished Manuscript?
If you’re stuck and can’t finish the manuscript, I can help there, too. Accountability is a writer’s greatest motivator. You can send chapters to me as you write them for an edit. Make it your goal to send a chapter every two weeks, or once a month … we’ll work out a process that is workable for you and that will produce the best results.